Samples Condition Rating

All of our Candy Anthony Samples are original, top quality and in excellent condition, however it is important to note that these are Samples that have been tried on in store, or shown on catwalks. Because of this, our Samples should not be considered equivalent to our brand new Made to Order or Stock items.

We have created a reference guide so that our customers can understand how we determine the overall condition of each Candy Anthony original Sample item for Sale.

Our 3-grade rating criteria takes into consideration the following factors:

  • Condition of fabrics
  • Overall construction of the garment or accessory
  • Stains or spots
  • Holes, snags or tears
  • Condition of any finished details such as zips, trims, buttons, bead work, applique, etc.

EXCELLENT  5stars rating - Samples Condition Rating

Includes all Sample items that are brand new or if in used condition, show very little to no signs of any wear whatsoever.

VERY GOOD 4 stars rating - Samples Condition Rating

Items appears to be in very good condition. Slightly more signs of wear but are not readily visible or noticeable for the most part when worn. Any flaws are minimum at best.

GOOD 3 stars rating - Samples Condition Rating

Items in general good condition with perhaps just a couple of minor flaws noted which should not affect the wearability of the item. Some examples of such might include but not limited to discolourations, loose or missing buttons or closures, a small stain or snag that is not easily noticed or appears on an item than would be deemed very good otherwise. Possibly some repair needed.

OTHER NOTES: All of our Sample items are checked over and graded on their overall condition once we have photographed them for display on this site, as well as before shipment to YOU, after purchase. We take great care in shipping our Samples because we want you, our customers, to be completely happy with your purchase!

DISCLAIMER: We make every attempt to accurately describe our Sample items since we are the original designers and manufacturers. The design, fabrics and trims used have been purposefully constructed into bridal and special occasion wear and we suggest that these items are handled carefully and are cleaned according to the instructions provided.