Brand Protection

Candy Anthony® is a UK and Internationally Registered Trademark of Candy Anthony Limited, you are not permitted to use it without our approval.

Candy Anthony® retains the ©Copyright Ownership and Intellectual Property of all of their designs, products, images text and any material shown under their brand name, therefore any unauthorised use or reproduction of any or part of it, is illegal. Candy Anthony® is totally committed to providing their customers with high quality, original, exclusive and handmade products.

Sadly Candy Anthony® products are liked so much by people with little or no creativity of their own, that they feel the need to replicate them or attempt to. Sometimes they are even created to pass-off as true Candy Anthony products. The truth is that these copies are fraudulent reproductions made and sold illegally by criminals. These criminal activities are banned by both UK and International laws and Trading Standards and warrant legal action. As such, Candy Anthony will not tolerate any of these activities and will pursue legal action where appropriate.

So please be aware that unless you have purchased your gown directly from our Candy Anthony boutique or online store, you could also be engaging in these criminal activities. Should you have any information regarding the misuse of the Candy Anthony brand or designs, please contact Candy Anthony at:, your help will be much appreciated!