These beauties have chosen a Candy Anthony gown to shine,
smile & sparkle on their Special Day...

Thank you all for choosing us.

Dear Candy Anthony,

Thank you so much for making my Candy Anthony wedding dress experience one to remember. You were an absolute pleasure to work with and I cannot thank you enough.

We can’t believe 4 months have passed but are now settled into married life where we will be creating more happy memories when our new addition arrives in May.

Many thanks,

Kylie & Matt xx

P.S. My Maid of Honour got engaged a few months ago so we may be back in the near future!

[…] Every visit to Candy Anthony has been so magical. I knew I had found the dress the minute I tried it on. I felt so alive and beautiful and vibrant in it. And indeed, on the wedding day I truly felt the dress was the perfect expression of my cheeky personality and vision of a sensual femininity. My then soon to be husband seemed so impressed. He told me afterwards that throughout the day he was finding me more and more gorgeous until I reached a ‘goddess sublime’ kind of stage. Surely this means we succeeded with the dress! It is not the kind of wedding dress you see a lot in France and my guests were stunned, saying they couldn’t have imagined a better one to fit and express myself. Then of course when I took the lace off in the evening, some thought it was a different dress! It felt so special to have a beautiful day dress, and an even more sexy evening outfit. I love to dance – dancing with this dress however was an incomparable pleasure. My husband loved to make it fly so much! So THANK YOU for your help in preparing this incredible time of my life. The outfit is such a big part of it and at times where I was feeling a bit nervous, really helped me focus and feel like my perfect self. If there is a way to recommend Candy Anthony or sending a testimony that would be helpful, I would love to do that so just let me know.

Very best,


Hi Candy,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with my fabulous Candy Anthony dress.

I really enjoyed wearing it, I felt so glamorous but fun at the same time.

I really couldn’t have been happier.

I’ve attached some photos for you to see, I think they say it all really!!

I cannot thank you enough.

Warm regards


[…] Thank you so much Candy for making the dress that everyone was talking about! Amazing!

We’ve just been featured on the wedding blog Love My Dress!

Alex xx

[…] I received huge compliments from everyone, even from complete strangers in the street who shouted ‘beautiful bride!’.

I absolutely felt like a star in my Candy Anthony wedding dress. I loved it!! I even kept it to wear on the Eurostar on way to Paris that evening! I just didn’t want to take it off!

A big thank you to everyone at Candy Anthony who helped make my wedding dress a reality.

Take care,


[…] I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my gorgeous Candy Anthony wedding dress. I absolutely had the most amazing wedding day ever and adored wearing my dress. I wish I could do it all over again. I can’t thank you enough again for the dress of my dreams.

Jemma x x x x

The day was amazing!! Better than I could have imagined, and I got so many compliments on my beautiful Candy Anthony wedding dress!

I just wanted to say thank you to Candy Anthony for making me the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen!!!

Love from Alexandra xxx

Dear everyone at Candy Anthony,

THANK YOU so, so much for my beautiful red award Candy Anthony dress. I was definitely the belle of the ball and was so much complimented. But really, the dress was beautifully made, exquisitely finished (and I ALWAYS notice these things) and was delightful to wear. It made the very best of me in every way.  My very best wishes and huge thanks,

Jackie Llwewlyn-Bowen


We had a lovely day on saturday and my Candy Anthony wedding dress was perfect, my husband actually had tears in his eyes as he saw me and didn’t stop telling how beautiful I looked all day, and we had complete strangers taking photos of us as we exited our ceremony!

Everyone said how perfectly my dress suited me and i cannot thank Candy Anthony team enough for the service you guys provided, I cannot recommend you and your dresses highly enough, you were truly awesome!

I just hope i can find an excuse to get another of your beautiful Candy Anthony dresses one day, but if you ever want a slightly off-beat model for your dresses I’ll be there in a heartbeat!!!!!


Dear Candy Anthony,

I wanted to write and say a heartfelt thank you to you. Our wedding went off perfectly and I received so many compliments on my exquisite Candy Anthony wedding dress – I felt absolutely wonderful in it, the best I have ever felt in my whole life. It fitted me perfectly on the day. I knew the moment I looked up last September and saw the dress in your boutique window that it was the one for me – just like when I saw Matthew for the first time all those years ago. Your talent and your kind, gentle manner have made the whole experience an absolute delight – I couldn’t have dreamed of a better service.

Sincerest thanks x


[…] The positive comments I had were simply overwhelming!

Everyone said how amazing I looked and what a fantastic dress it was – and I must admit I felt a million dollars in it!

BIG thanks to Candy Anthony!

Catherine Westwood (Editor of Wedding magazine)


I loved wearing my Candy Anthony wedding dress and it got lots of compliments so thanks so much. The while experience of getting my perfect dress was brilliant. We had an amazing day.

Thanks again,


[…] Just a quick email to say a massive thank you for all your help with my Candy Anthony wedding dress, for my wedding back in October. The day was amazing & I felt amazing in my dress! Everyone said how beautiful the dress looked & wanted to know where I got it from- I couldn’t recommend you all enough!

Thank you again!

Charlotte x

[…] The day was fabulous and everyone was amazed by the whole look and my Candy Anthony wedding dress was complimented by everyone. I hadn’t told the majority of people I was going for a different look so it had that real wow factor. Thank you for helping me create this beautiful look – it all started with the dress xx


Love Sam xxx

[…] I absolutely LOVED wearing my Candy Anthony wedding dress I felt seriously princess-like…a feeling I’ve been waiting for my whole life!!!

Everyone thought the dress was brilliant, the star of the show, and wanted to know where it was from. So of course I told them all about you and your fabulousness.

THANK YOU so much for your warmth, kindness, gentle opinions and time. I don’t know if you’ll remember but when I came to find my dress, I came on my own, with just you there to help me choose and I couldn’t have asked for a better companion. It was a perfect dress in every way.

With love and so much thanks,

Jessica C

Thank you so much Candy for my beautiful Candy Anthony wedding dress, it did an amazing job!

Lisa x

Dear Candy Anthony,

Thank you again for my Candy Anthony wedding dress, it was wonderful. Candy, you have many new Austrian fans now!

Greetings from Tyrol,


Just a quick not to thank you for my fabulous Candy Anthony wedding dress. It was such an easy dress to wear on my big day and all my guests were incredibly complimentary of my choice!



Thank you Candy Anthony for my amazing wedding dress!!!


[…] Thank you so much for helping me pick out my actual dream dress! I was in love with Candy Anthony wedding dresses long before I met my (now) husband, and still can’t believe how lucky I was to actually wear one on my wedding day.

Basically, if I could get away with wearing my Candy Anthony dress each and every day I would!

Photos attached, because I love showing my dress off ?

Thank you again, so much!

Helen x

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my beautiful Candy Anthony wedding dress!

It was everything and more I could have hoped for. I can’t believe I’ll never wear it again, I loved it so much. Everybody loved it too!


I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful day I had and how MANY compliments I had on my Candy Anthony wedding dress and Candy Anthony wedding shoes.

You were absolutely wonderful from start to finish and made the whole experience of buying my dress truly magical.

The dress was so comfortable and in the evening when I removed the overlay some people actually thought that I had had an outfit change!!

Lots of love

Olivia xxxx

Dear Candy Anthony,

My green Candy Anthony wedding dress was a dream! There is no reason to worry about bad luck if more clients want to marry in this colour! ? Thank you very much for cheering me up! Everybody loved the polka dots on my Candy Anthony wedding dress!



[…] Thanks for the fabulous Candy Anthony dresses that you made for Amanda and myself. She looked amazing and soooo happy! Any my leopard print number got so many compliments ? It was a fabulous day… The Candy Anthony gowns rocked and made our day even more fabulous.

All the best

Linsay x

Thanks for making my fabulous Candy Anthony wedding dress, a dream come true!


[…] Thanks again for making my amazing black Candy Anthony wedding dress!!!


[…] It was an incredible day; romantic, fun, sentimental, joyful, warm and full of love.

Ned adored my Candy Anthony wedding dress, and thought the day (with jacket) to night (halterneck) transformation was sensational. I felt beautiful, relaxed, elegant and very feminine in my wonderful dress, but most importantly I felt like me in it.

It really was the perfect outfit for the location and me.

I hope you are all well. I wish I could get another dress made and spend some more time in your fabulous company!

Fondest regards,

Connie W

Thank you for making my amazing yellow Candy Anthony wedding dress!


Dear Candy+team,

Thank you so much for making my lovely, beautiful Candy Anthony dress, I just love it so much, it really made me feel amazing. You all did me proud.

Thank you,

Lisa xxx

[…] I just wanted to say thank you Candy Anthony for making me the most wonderful wedding dress.

My husband absolutely loved it – it’s the kind of dress he had hoped I would wear – and it suited the location perfectly.

Thank you once again for making our day so special

Sam x